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MEDNIVA Develops New Science-based Teaching Method for Healthcare Industry

MEDNIVA provides learning solutions to cater to the healthcare industry worldwide. These include individual and team tests, case studies, active discussions and simulations. It aims to deliver optimal learning outcomes to healthcare stakeholders including professionals and patients, so that industry investments in education are fully utilised to improve healthcare outcomes.

MEDNIVA has exclusive license of InteLearn™, a teaching methodology by Duke-NUS Medical School and Duke University School of Medicine. This patent-pending methodology applies various proven learning techniques, like pre-test priming, peer learning and recall testing. An in-depth engagement with a group of medical leaders from a renowned pharmaceutical company using InteLearn™ showed promising results - 145% increase in learners who thought of themselves as experts on the subject after the session, and 100% who were satisfied and would recommend MEDNIVA.

APBN finds out more about this new teaching methodology from MEDNIVA's CEO, Sumeet Sud.

1) Can you give us an insight as to why you decided to set up MEDNIVA? How long has MEDNIVA been providing highly customised learning solutions to the healthcare industry?

The origin and purpose of MEDNIVA is ultimately based on improving patient outcomes. The global healthcare industry, while developing and providing life-changing products, is also very much in the education business. After 24 years in this industry, I noticed a great unmet need around the way it educates its stakeholders and became increasingly passionate about addressing this. While I was seeing innovations in education across other industries, I noticed these breakthroughs were bypassing our industry. Instead, companies were continuing to invest highly in traditional methods that don’t deliver effective outcomes – akin to education malpractice.

We launched MEDNIVA, an exclusive licensee of Duke-NUS Medical School, earlier this year to offer a new science-based method of learning to address this unmet need in the global healthcare industry. It is science-led learning for a science-led industry. We offer tremendous value by offsetting inefficient traditional investments, while improving outcomes for both professionals and patients.

2) Can you tell us more in depth about this new learning method called InteLearn™? How is it different from other methods of teaching?

InteLearn™ is MEDNIVA’s exclusive patent-pending teaching methodology, exclusively licensed from Duke-NUS Medical School, which leverages cognitive science and creates optimised learning outcomes.

The healthcare industry currently invests heavily in traditional education methods such as conferences and seminars. However, many of these investments are highly inefficient and do not deliver optimal learning outcomes. InteLearn™ has been proven to be more effective and can dramatically transform the way stakeholders are educated.

It differs from other methods of teaching because it uses active learning methods such as pre-test priming, peer learning and recall that have been shown to promote sustained learning and increase retention in comparison to traditional passive learning techniques.

3) How was this new learning methodology developed?

InteLearn™ was derived from the basis of teaching at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore and is now patent-pending. One of our co-founders, Dr. Ranga Krishnan, was the Dean of Duke-NUS Medical School and applied his knowledge on cognitive science to the school’s teaching methods to create optimised learning outcomes. Over time, the school was seeing great outcomes, which led to elements being adopted by Duke University School of Medicine in the United States. MEDNIVA is now bringing this proven success from the medical school environment to the global healthcare industry.

4) Is this InteLearnTM applicable to teaching Science or Medicine only? Can it be applied to other subject areas as well?

Our current application of InteLearn? at MEDNIVA is for the global healthcare industry, as it was borne out of a world class medical school and uses science-led learning methods specific to a science-led industry. However, the basic principles could be applied to other industries and audiences as well.

5) InteLearn™ seems to be targeted for adults in the healthcare industry. Can InteLearn™ be used in teaching younger children in schools for example?

Similar to the previous question, yes, that is possible. However, the focus of MEDNIVA is the global healthcare industry, where we strongly believe we can deliver value and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

6) How widely is InteLearn™ being used now?

InteLearnTM is MEDNIVA’s unique healthcare industry customisation of the patent-pending pedagogy licensed to us by Duke-NUS Medical School, and we are just starting. In the next several months, we expect it to be used widely across the industry in multiple regions and with both internal employees and external physicians.

The response from the industry to date has been phenomenal, and we have already engaged several top multinational pharmaceutical companies around the world. A recent engagement with a large group of leaders at a top ten multinational pharmaceutical company showed a 145% increase in learners who rated themselves as experts on the content after the engagement.

7) Can you give us examples of customised learning solutions that MEDNIVA provides to healthcare industry currently?

This is not an “off the shelf” product. InteLearn™ is highly customisable for a wide range of internal and external audiences such as the sales force, marketing teams, medical directors, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and payers. It can also be adapted for a range of therapeutic areas, where we can engage renowned faculty from Duke University along with other leading global institutions to meet the specific learning objectives – as seen in our recent engagement.

8) Are there further upcoming learning methods being developed by MEDNIVA that we can look forward to in the future?

Following our initial engagement, we have been ramping up to meet the overwhelming amount of interest from other leading healthcare industry companies. As we do so, we continue to customise and innovate our offerings to meet the internal and external education needs of the industry. We expect MEDNIVA to become a truly transformational force in the way the industry brings information to its stakeholders, and with our ongoing collaboration with leading academia, I’m sure we will always be finding ways to further improve our patent-pending pedagogy.

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