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Innovations driving the Indian dental consumables market
The dental consumables market is growing by leaps and bounds owing to the growing dental tourism in India, technological advancements, and rising incidences of chronic diseases, says Sharmistha Sarkar. Moreover, several marketing strategies adopted by the market players are leading to the growth of this market.

Dental issues are a growing concern for people all over the world. The most common dental diseases, especially in the developing nations, are dental caries and periodontal diseases. While chronic periodontal diseases are prevalent everywhere, dental caries are more common in people from Western countries. Because of these dental diseases, the demand for dental consumables has surged across countries.

Dental consumables are medical devices that are used for the treatment of patients suffering from dental caries and periodontal diseases. They include dental sundries and small equipment used in dental offices for the treatment of patients. Dental sundries consist of dental anesthetics, sealants, and restorative materials, and others. Small equipment includes high and low-speed handpieces, intraoral curing light systems, dental diagnostic systems, and many more.

According to a report on the Indian dental consumables market published by Allied Market Research, the market was valued at USD116 million in 2016 and is projected to reach USD232 million by 2023, growing by 10.3% from 2017 to 2023. The market is driven by growing dental tourism in India due to the low-cost quality treatment, rising incidences of various chronic diseases globally, and increased technological advancements. However, the high cost of the medical lasers and lack of acceptance of new technology are restraining the growth of the market.

Several innovations in the field are contributing to this market growth. For instance, in May 2017, Dentsply Sirona Endodontics announced the launch of its X-Smart IQ digital endodontics ecosystem and app which guides dental professionals through every step of the endodontic process. In March 2017, Dentsply Sirona announced the acquisition of RTD, the privately-owned, worldwide leader in fiber endodontic posts. In September 2017, KaVo launched a new series of electric systems to help dentists make precise preparations.

Dentsply Sirona Endodontics launches X-Smart IQ System

The X-Smart IQ digital endodontics ecosystem and app is a dental care solution that guides dental professionals through every step of the endodontic process - from patient education to treatment data. With its complete digital ecosystem, the Smart IQ iOS app creates customizable treatment plans on the basis of the techniques followed by dental professionals. Besides, the interactive app allows coordination between future products and immediate updates. It also helps specialists answer questions for their patients or address concerns. The X-Smart IQ system enables professionals to use a Dentsply Sirona file sequence or create their own and also save the sequence for future use.

The system features a well-balanced and cordless handpiece, miniature contra-angle head to allow easy access and visibility, a 360-degree adjustable 6:1 contra-angle, Bluetooth pairing, battery autonomy for 16 treatments and rechargeable during treatment. The X-Smart IQ iOS app features instant torque-level indication with visual and audible sound, auto-reverse function, which is available in continuous and reciprocating motion, a calibration function for more precise torque settings, and graphs showing real-time torque applied to each file over time. Currently, the X-Smart IQ is in the vanguard of the endodontic treatment space.

Dentsply Sirona acquires RTD

In March 2017, Dentsply Sirona acquired RTD (Recherche Techniques Dentaires), a leader in fiber-reinforced endodontic posts. The acquisition was fruitful for Dentsply Sirona as RTD鈥檚 products perfectly complement its endodontics and restorative portfolio, providing maximum clinical success for clinicians seeking reliable and predictable endodontic and restorative treatments.

RTD pioneered the technology of fiber-reinforced composite posts and is the only company which has combined the production of composites, cement, and drills to offer complete solutions to its customers. RTD鈥檚 portfolio comprises several styles of translucent and tooth-colored posts as well as cement and other accessory products for post-core restoration. A large number of RTD posts have been successfully employed and are the subject of over 100 technical publications.

KaVo launches electromatic series of electric systems

In September 2017, KaVo Dental, a leading dental supplier and manufacturer of dental products and supplies, launched a new series of electric systems to help dentists make precise preparations. It helps improve efficiency, provide better patient care, and increase confidence in handling complicated cases. Featuring constant torque, controlled speed, quiet operation, and increased versatility, the electromatic motor system allows for precise preparations at the defined speed. Moreover, the speed on the control system display can be adjusted for a wide range of indications.

Three options namely, Electromatic, Electromatic Plus, and Electromatic Premium are available. Electromatic is a system that enables speed to be controlled with the foot control, similar to an air-driven high-speed handpiece. Having all the benefits of the Electromatic, the Electromatic Plus is designed for every high and low-speed applications. An LCD display and multiple mounting options allow visibility and access to adjust the motor-speed settings. An all-in-one device, the Electromatic Premium features a color touch screen for intuitive handling and integrated endo function. It possesses one or two motors for enhancing work efficiency. The pre-programmed file systems make it easy to plan or customize one鈥檚 endodontic protocol.

The Electromatic system has a plug-and-play system that connects to standard air tubing and automatically adapts to the air pressure of the existing dental unit. The system can be installed in several positions for optimal integration with the treatment unit.

About the Author

Sharmistha has always had a keen interest in reading and writing. Allied Market Research has given her the chance to gain knowledge about different subjects. Her love for words has brought her to writing, and she aspires to make each of her written works a piece of art.

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