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World鈥檚 first unmanned clinic in China
Ping An Good Doctor uses AI technology to empower a healthy city

Ping An Good Doctor has revealed the location of the world鈥檚 first commercially operational unmanned clinic, "One-minute Clinics" in Wuzhen, China.

It will provide a high-speed, convenient, one-stop shop for medical and healthcare services for nearby residents.

The "One-minute Clinics" includes two major functional modules, an "Independent Advisory Room" and "Smart Medicine Cabinet".

The patient sits in the "Independent Advisory Room" and speaks to a cloud computing doctor. With the help of on-site examination equipment, the artificial intelligence (AI) Doctor make a preliminary diagnosis for the patients. Patients can then purchase medicine according to the doctor's recommendations from the nearby "Smart Medicine Cabinet", which offers more than 100 kinds of commonly used drugs.

In the future, Ping An Good Doctor's "One-minute Clinics" will be popularised in public areas such as pharmacies, communities, enterprises, schools, scenic areas, markets, highway service stations, etc. It is expected that by the end of 2018, "One-minute Clinics" will expand to 1000 units across China.

The relevant person-in-charge at Ping An Good Doctor expressed that AI Doctor is researched and developed by an AI team formed from over 200 world class artificial intelligence experts and has been trained using data from over 300 million visits and consultations. Currently, AI Doctor can cover over 2000 commonly seen diseases and achieve instant answer upon questioning for thousands of medical and healthcare questions.

After the AI Doctor's work has been completed, the back office expert physicians will engage in focused supplementary advisory based on the structured medical history of the patient that is created by the AI Doctor and verify the diagnosis and advice of the AI Doctor.

Presently, Ping An Good Doctor physician team exceeds 1000 people.Its external network of partnering physicians reach nearly 5000 people.Data found that in 2016, including transport and waiting-in-line times, Chinese patients consume 3 hours per visit on average. The real time for physician's diagnoses averages only 8 minutes per visit. The unmanned clinics are seen to be able to resolve the medical care needs of the China population.

Source: Ping An Good Doctor

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