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Available Issues
Volume 22 (2018)
Number 09 (September)- Doctor Robot - The digital healthcare revolution
Number 08 (August)- Regenerative technology — Meat of the future
Number 07 (July)- Water management — Technologies for biotech and pharmaceutical industries
Number 06 (June)- Cancer — Therapies and strategies for better patient outcomes
Number 05 (May)- Dental health — The root to good health
Number 04 (Apr)- Digestive health in the 21st century — Trust your guts
Number 03 (Mar)- Women in Science — Making a difference
Number 02 (Feb)- Searching for the fountain of youth
Number 01 (Jan)- Weighing the options
Volume 21 (2017)
Number 12 (Dec)- Skin Diseases and Allergic Reactions
Number 11 (Nov)- Paediatric Illnesses
Number 10 (Oct)- A change of heart — Cardiovascular diseases
Number 09 (Sep)- Infectious Diseases
Number 08 (Aug)- Eye – the Window to your Soul
Number 07 (Jul)- Food Science & Technology
Number 06 (Jun)- Advocacies in Support of Rare Disease Patients
Number 05 (May)- Insights Into the Brain & microRNAs
Number 04 (Apr)- Diabetes: The Big Picture
Number 03 (Mar)- Get to Know TCM
Number 02 (Feb)- Cancer Research, Treatment/Technology
Number 01 (Jan)- Healthcare Focus: LUNGS
Volume 20 (2016)
Number 12 (Dec)- Orthopaedics
Number 11 (Nov)- Digital Transformation of Healthcare
Number 10 (Oct)- Medical Tourism
Number 09 (Sep)- Infectious Diseases
Number 08 (Aug)- Novel Technologies for Antibody Drug Discovery in Japan
Number 07 (Jul)- Water Technology and Management
Number 06 (Jun)- Medical Devices & Healthcare Technology
Number 05 (May)- Healthcare Systems & Policies in Asia
Number 04 (Apr)- Leading-Edge ONCOLOGY
Number 03 (Mar)- Life-Saving Opportunities: A Guide to Regenerative Medicine
Number 02 (Feb)- Biomedical Research Governance
Number 01 (Jan)- Biotechnology in Korea
Volume 19 (2015)
Number 12 (Dec)- What's your 3600 view?
Number 11 (Nov)- Clear Air
Number 10 (Oct)- Big Data: Healthcare & Drug Development
Number 09 (Sep)- The Asean Economic Community and Asia's Life Sciences Industry
Number 08 (Aug)- Biofuels
Number 07 (Jul)- Preventative and Translational Medicine
Number 06 (Jun)- Start-Up Biotech Companies
Number 04 & 05
(April & May)
- Universal Health Coverage
Number 03 (Mar)- Nutrition
Number 02 (Feb)- Robotics in Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends and Predictions for 2015
Volume 18 (2014)
Number 12 (Dec)- Biomaterials
Number 11 (Nov)- Infectious Pathogens and Antibiotics
Number 10 (Oct)- Clinical Trials
Number 09 (Sep)- Bioinformatics
Number 08 (Aug)- Public-Private partnerships in the Biopharma industry
Number 07 (Jul)- Translational Medicine
Number 06 (Jun)- Neuroethics
Number 05 (May)- Synthetic Biology
Number 04 (Apr)- Diseases of an aging population
Number 03 (Mar)- Vaccines
Number 02 (Feb)- Digital Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends in the Biotech Industry 2014
Volume 17 (2013)
Number 12 (Dec)- Best of 2013
Number 10 & 11
(Oct — Nov)
- Scientific Communication
Number 09 (Sep)- Cancer
Number 08 (Aug)- Healing From Within — A Look At Stem Cells
Number 07 (Jul)- The Business of Life Science
Number 06 (Jun)- Corporate Social Responsibility in Healthcare
Number 05 (May)- Asia — The Future in Generics & Biosimilars
Number 04 (Apr)- Thailand Biotech
Number 03 (Mar)- Taiwan Biotech
Number 02 (Feb)- Insights to Life Science 2013
Number 01 (Jan)- Bio-Nanotech
Volume 16 (2012)
Number 12 (Dec)- Best of APBN 2012
Number 10 & 11
(Oct & Nov)
- Bio-related Robotics
Number 09 (Sep)- Unveiling Vaccines
Number 08 (Aug)- Singapore's Next-Gen Researchers
Number 07 (Jul)- Umbilical Cord Blood
Number 06 (Jun)- Clinical Research Labs in China
Number 05 (May)- Biofuels
Number 04 (Apr)- Bioethics
Number 03 (Mar)- Stem Cells
Number 02 (Feb)- Antibiotics
Number 01 (Jan)- Metabolic Syndrome
Volume 15 (2011)
Number 12 (Dec)- Korea Biotech
Number 11 (Nov)- Virus: Forms and Functions
Number 10 (Oct)- Hong Kong Biotech
Number 09 (Sep)- BioIndia
Number 08 (Aug)- Personalized Medicine
Number 07 (Jul)- Stem Cells
Number 06 (Jun)- Healthcare
Number 05 (May)- BioEthics
Number 04 (Apr)- Ophthalmology
Number 03 (Mar)- The Best of APBN
Number 02 (Feb)- BioImaging
Number 01 (Jan)- Trends in Life Science Analysis
Volume 14 (2010)
Number 12 (Dec)- Bioengineering
Number 11 (Nov)- Medicinal Plants
Number 10 (Oct)- Diagnostic Microbiology Technology
Number 09 (Sep)- Biomimicry
Number 08 (Aug)- Traditional Chinese Medicine
Number 07 (Jul)- Excellence in Asia-Pacific Healthcare
Number 05 & 06
(May & Jun)
- ASEAN Eco Efforts & Healthcare
Number 04 (Apr)- Biotech IP Law and Regulation
Number 03 (Mar)- Stem Cells
Number 02 (Feb)- Biopharmaceuticals
Number 01 (Jan)- Medical Tourism
Volume 13 (2009)
Number 12 (Dec)- Aesthetic Medicine
Number 11 (Nov)- Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Number 10 (Oct)- Medical Devices
Number 09 (Sep)- Brain Science
Number 08 (Aug)- The Science of Nutrition
Number 07 (Jul)- Excellence in Asia-Pacific Healthcare
Number 06 (Jun)- Traditional Chinese Medicine
Number 05 (May)- Vaccines and Immunology
Number 04 (Apr)- Emerging Trends in Biotechnology
Number 03 (Mar)- Cancer
Number 02 (Feb)- Infectious Diseases
Number 01 (Jan)- Food Safety
Volume 12 (2008)
Number 14 (Dec)- Riding the Dragon: Biotechnology in China
Number 13 (Nov)- Water and Energy Renewal
Number 12 (Oct)- International Science Luminaries — Pillars of Singapore's Research Community
Number 11 (Sep)- Bioentrepreneurship Bioventures
Number 10 (Aug)- Cancer Research
Number 09 (Jul)- Australia's Biodiversity
Number 08 (Jun)- Childhood Leukemia
Number 07 (May)- Medical Tourism
Number 06 (Apr)- Rice Research in Asia Pacific
Number 05 (Mar)- Disaster Medicine
Number 04 (Feb)- Biotech and Nutrition
Number 03 (Feb)- Biotech Companies in Asia Pacific
Number 02 (Jan)- Bio-education
Number 01 (Jan)- Leading Biotech Companies in Asia Pacific
Volume 11 (2007)
Number 23n24
- Best of 2007
Number 22 (Nov)- Biologistics
Number 21 (Nov)- Medical Diagnostics
Number 20 (Oct)- Childhood Cancers
Number 19 (Oct)- Medical Tourism
Number 17n18 - Alternative Medicine & Cancer: Part II
Number 16 (Aug)- Alternative Medicine & Cancer: Part I
Number 15 (Aug)- Bioinformatics in Japan
Number 14 (Jul)- Clinical Research Hubs in the Asia Pacific
Number 13 (Jul)- CEOs in Biotech
Number 12 (Jun)- Biotechnology in Taiwan
Number 11 (Jun)- Natural Medicine
Number 10 (May)- Biomedical Devices
Number 09 (May)- Biofuels
Number 08 (Apr)- Biotechnology in Malaysia and Thailand
Number 07 (Apr)- Drug Discovery
Number 06 (Mar)- Drug Delivery
Number 05 (Mar)- Biomedical Innovations
Number 04 (Feb)- Women in Science
Number 03 (Feb)- Top Scientists in Asia Pacific
Number 02 (Jan)- IT in Healthcare
Number 01 (Jan)- Grand Challenges in Biodiversity Informatics
Volume 10 (2006)
Number 24 (Dec)- Bioinformatics in Asia Pacific
Number 23 (Dec)- Lipidomics
Number 22 (Nov)- Biostatistics
Number 21 (Nov)- Clinical Trials in Asia Pacific
Number 20 (Oct)- Bioethics
Number 19 (Oct)- Telemedicine
Number 18 (Sep)- Pharmacogenomics
Number 17 (Sep)- Biotechnology in Korea
Number 16 (Aug)- Drug Discovery
Number 15 (Aug)- Medical Education in Asia Pacific
Number 14 (Jul)- Bird Flu
Number 13 (Jul)- SCBA Meeting
Number 12 (Jun)- Cancer Research
Number 11 (Jun)- AIDS Research
Number 10 (May)- Biotourism
Number 09 (May)- Vaccine Biotechnology
Number 08 (Apr)- Singapore Biotechnology
Number 07 (Apr)- Biometrics
Number 06 (Mar)- Bioimaging
Number 05 (Mar)- Argotechnology
Number 04 (Feb)- Bioinformatics
Number 03 (Feb)- Systems Biology
Number 02 (Jan)- Bird Flu
Number 01 (Jan)- Celebrating APBN's 10th Anniversary: Journey of Silkworm from Silkroad to Bioroad
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 Volume 8 (2004)

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 Volume 6 (2002)

 Volume 5 (2001)

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 Volume1 (1997)
news Shire, Microsoft and EURORDIS form Global Commission to accelerate time to diagnosis for children with rare diseases
news EmTech Asia explores future of life, humanity and economy
news Biology of Ageing II - Impactful Interventions
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APBN Editorial Calendar 2018
Obesity / Outlook for 2018
Searching for the fountain of youth
Women in Science - Making a difference
Digestive health in the 21st century - Trust your guts
Dental health - The root to good health
Cancer - Therapies and strategies for better patient outcomes
Water management - Technologies for biotech and pharmaceutical industries
Regenerative technology - Meat of the future
Doctor Robot - The digital healthcare revolution
Bones / Breast cancer
Liver health / Top science research nations & institutions
AIDS / Breakthrough of the year/Emerging trends
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