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The Antibody-based Bio-therapeutics Asian Forum 2016 (13-15 July 2016, Shanghai)
Forum Name: The Antibody-based Bio-therapeutics Asian Forum 2016
Event Date: July 13-15. 2016
Event Venue: Shanghai, PR. China
Event Website: www.abbforum.com
Event Contact: Wei Zhang, Program Manager
Telephone: ++86.21.6034.0229
Email: wzhang@deliver-consulting.com

The Antibody and Antibody-based Therapeutics, classified as the most significant portion of biologics, have entered the center stage of drug discovery and been increasingly reflected through the major shift of focus in pipeline by pharmaceutical companies from small molecules to a broader portfolio with both biologics and chemical agents. Roughly, as of Nov.10. 2014, 47 monoclonal antibody products have been approved in US or Europe and biologics have also been proven to have significant clinical advantages in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. Not only in Western countries, there have been also considerable biologics R&D, manufacturing and commercial activities in Asia. And in China, the Bio-industry has been designated as one of the seven strategic industries by the central government. Not so far away on Feb.28.2015, the China FDA has also released the country's first biosimilar guidelines to establish the basic principles for development and technical evaluation of bio-similars, towards the adoption of a more concrete and well-defined regulatory pathway to further promote the bio-industry. Upon these, through collaborating with SAPA-GP, supported by BioTaiwan, the Antibody-based Bio-therapeutics Asian Forum aims to provide a premier communication platform with scientific sessions on R&D, Regulatory and Bioprocess Strategies, contributing the 'Accessibility' and 'Affordability' of those life-saving therapies in the region.

2016 Key Discussions

  • Challenges, Opportunities and Future Trends in the R&D of Therapeutic Antibody
  • Key Considerations to Develop a World-class Therapeutic Antibody Industry in China
  • Similar, Bio-better and Novel Therapeutic Antibody Development Strategies
  • Innovative Platform and Technology for Antibody Generation and Engineering
  • ADC, Bi/Multi-specific and Next Generation Modalities of Antibody Therapy
  • Biologics Processing and CMC Strategies
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