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Vol 22, No 03, March 2018
Shenzhen biotech companies building the world’s largest cell bank in Guizhou

Shenzhen biotech companies choose Guizhou Province in Southwest China for its policy support from the governments at all levels in Guizhou

China's cancer researcher shares 2018's Sjoberg Prize of Sweden

Zhu Chen, shares the Prize with two French researchers, for their development of a new treatment for acute promyelocytic leukaemia.

Breakthrough may help with earlier detection of heart attacks and cancer

A mobile phone-sized box may help patients detect acute heart failure or cancer, at any time, without any medical assistance. A Chinese research program is trying to make this "family physician" dream come true.

New dialyzer to isolate bacteria from unprocessed blood

When bacteria multiply in the bloodstream, if not treated, it can lead to sepsis. One form of treatment is often with antibiotics, but if the pathogens are resistant to antibiotics, patients are then hooked to a dialyser (a machine that filters blood, removing bacteria). Current dialysers are not as efficient in removing bacteria from the blood stream.

Chinese scientists develop new protocols for DNA-free genome editing in wheat

Genome editing based on the CRISPR/Cas9 IVT or RNP can avoid foreign DNA integrated into host genome and reduce off-target effect. By using this protocol, foreign DNA-free genome-edited plants can be obtained in T0 generation.

Synthesized herbs to treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease

Successfully synthesized breviscapine created using genomic analysis and synthetic biology tools.

Chinese scientists find antidote to centipede venom

Chinese scientists have found that retigabine, a common medication for epilepsy, can be used to treat centipede bites.

Grünenthal and Mundipharma enter commercial partnership in China

Mundipharma to market and distribute Tramal® in China from 1 May 2018

Tencent and Medopad to cooperate on medical AI

Tencent, one of the world's largest tech companies, is investing further in health AI, marking its first international health partnership with Medopad, a UK-based healthcare tech company that connects clinicians and patients.

Majority of oncology clinical trials in China failed to meet enrolment targets

GlobalData analysed the enrolment efficiencies of 324 clinical trials from 2012 to 2017, and found the average enrollment efficiency values of clinical trials across all phases, excluding Phases I/II, fell below 100 per cent.

WuXi STA and Regulus announce microRNA development and manufacturing collaboration

Agreement follows the recent opening of WuXi STA's oligonucleotide R&D labs in China and the USA

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