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Vol 22, No 05, May 2018
Scientists in Guangzhou engineered pig model of Huntington's disease

Treatments for affected nervous system tissues could be better tested in pigs, because their size is closer to that of humans.

Heart-on-a-chip device to aid drug screening

Chinese scientists have developed a device to mimic the contractions of cardiac muscle cells, which can potentially replace human and non-human animal models for drug screening.

Nanozymes to target tumor cells

Traditionally, natural enzymes were used for tumor therapy, however they were less sensitive and stable. Nanozymes have good biocompatibility, and have the potential to optimize tumour treatment.

Cancer stem cell therapy breakthrough

Chinese researchers developed a drug, WYC-209, found to kill or inhibit the proliferation of stem cells of certain cancers such as breast and lung cancers.

Hong Kong researchers invent antibody drug for HIV-I prevention

Hopes to be the first "made in Hong Kong" anti-HIV-1 antibody drug for clinical development

SNAB technology to mark tumor cells during cancer surgeries

Technology adds fluorescent dye to tumor cells, making them detectable for accurate imaging and diagnosis

Draft genome of tea plant sequenced

Genome sequence can provide better understanding of tea plant evolution and help breed improved tea varieties

International Earth BioGenome Project proposed to sequence DNA of all known species on Earth

The goal is to sequence the genomes of 1.5 million known species of eukaryotes, which includes plants, animals, fungi and other organisms.

Chinese pharma regulatory reforms will help to attract foreign investment

The reforms to clinical trial processes along with the recent permit to CMOs will help in attracting foreign investment, says GlobalData

Merck receives patent for CRISPR Technology in China

Patent in China covers integration of an external DNA sequence into the chromosome of eukaryotic cells

STA Pharmaceuticals to build new R&D center in Shanghai

New facility to enable drug developers to accelerate projects from preclinical to commercial stage.

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