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LATEST UPDATES » Vol 24, No 01, January 2020 – Empowering the Patient - Personalization of Diabetes Management       » First of its kind Human Heart-in-a-Jar Model for therapeutic solutions       » China's National Vaccine Tracking System set to be completed in 2020       » China's amended drug administration law kicks in       » Human activity puts Chinese plant biodiversity at risk, study finds       » Contributory effects of each brain cell type in development of Alzheimer's Disease      
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Vol 23, No. 05, May 2019
Over 2,000 Belt and Road Scientists to conduct research in China

Increased collaboration between COMSATS and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is expected

China to amend healthcare laws

The law is in urgent need of revision after more than two decades

Smart hospital program upgraded with 5G technology

Enables remote diagnosis and treatment for infectious diseases

First "one-minute clinic" in China university

Ping An Good Doctor launches "one-minute clinic" at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, uses AI technology to guard health of teachers and students

Studies reveal "death switch" in plant immune systems

Protein responsible for activating cell death to limit spread of pathogens

Faster and cheaper manufacturing of CAR-T production

Gracell Biotechnologies developes FasT CAR-T, a breakthrough technology for hematological malignancies

Immunotherapy trials show positive results against blood disease

CAR T cell therapy given to patients found 88 per cent positive

Gene-editing tool uses light to kill cancer cells

New technique can precisely alter or cut designated spot in genome

3D printed bone tissue for implant surgery

An alternative for hip joint replacement

Bioabsorbable power source for implantable medical electronics

Useful for implantable medical devices

New stomach check system developed to reduce diagnosis blind spots

Uses artificial intelligence to capture and store images of different sites of the stomach

Mapping of protein complex to help patients with osteoporosis

Help target the site precisely in the development of oral medicine for osteoporosis

news Joining Forces to Elevate Asia's Healthcare Industry
news 4th Global Feed Summit draws Feed Producers, Technology Providers, Raw Materials Suppliers to Bangkok for Key Discussions
news 2nd China Pharma Digital Innovation Summit to be held in Shanghai
news 2nd China Healthcare Digital Innovation Summit to be held in Shanghai

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