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Media Contact:
Jason Lim,
Marketing Executive
Tel: 64665775, Ext 247
HP: 65 92234740 Email: cjlim@wspc.com

World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC) and Shanghai Century Publishing Group (SCPG) will jointly launch the English translation of the "Developing China" series with its first volume entitled China's Economy - Rural Reform and Agricultural Development, at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Originally written in Mandarin Chinese, the "Developing China" series is a collection of the most outstanding articles written by prominent native Chinese scholars of Humanities and Social Sciences within the last 30 years.

Its first volume, China's Economy, focuses on the importance of countryside agriculture and the role of its peasants in China's land reforms, covering various issues including property rights, food trade structures, Township and Village Enterprises, non-agricultural employment, mobility of labor force, land distribution, taxation and savings behavior.

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Phua Kok Khoo, Chairman of WSPC said, "The books that provide valuable insights to China are mostly written in Chinese and this limits their reach due to the language barrier. World Scientific is happy to bridge that gap in jointly publishing these translations so that many others can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and information. We look forward to work closely together with Shanghai Century on other similar projects to give these valuable publications their well-deserved attention."

Mr Chen Xin, President of SCPG said, "World Scientific and Shanghai Century are both influential publishers in Asia-Pacific region. The collaboration will enhance the understanding of China's development and Chinese scholars' research in social sciences globally. It is our aspiration to publish quality English books and the reason why we chose World Scientific as our partner is because World Scientific shares a common enthusiasm to publicize the Chinese culture. It also has an excellent and serious publishing team. We hope the two sides can have more cooperation in other projects, aiming at promoting the international community's knowledge and understanding of China."

The book series editor is Distinguished Professor Deng Zhenglai, Dean of Fudan Institute of Advanced Study in Social Sciences (IAS-Fudan). In response to the launch of the first volume, he hopes that "academic inquiries into the 'Chinese success story' under the theme of rural reform and agricultural development will open a new chapter on the internationalization of Chinese social sciences."

More information on the "Developing China" series can be found at http://www.worldscibooks.com/series/sdctrc_series.shtml. Further information on entitled China's Economy - Rural Reform and Agricultural Development can be found at http://www.worldscibooks.com/eastasianstudies/7571.html.

This press release is also featured in: Xinhua News and KnowledgeSpeak.

About World Scientific Publishing Co.

World Scientific Publishing is a leading independent publisher of books and journals for the scholarly, research and professional communities. The company publishes about 500 books annually and more than 120 journals in various fields. World Scientific collaborates with prestigious organisations like the Nobel Foundation, US National Academies Press and its subsidiary, Imperial College Press amongst others, to bring high quality academic and professional content to researchers and academics worldwide. To find out more about World Scientific, please visit www.worldscientific.com.

About Shanghai Century Publishing Co. Ltd

Shanghai Century Publishing Co., Ltd was self-restructured from Shanghai Century Publishing Group in November 2005 and has 29 affiliates and subsidiaries. It has six product lines, namely school education, higher education, historical accounts, dictionaries, mass publishing and professional publishing, and publishes more than 8,000 book titles annually; leading in many subsections of the Chinese book market. Besides books, the company has 50 magazines and newspapers focusing on fashion, economics and education. These include popular brands like ELLE, Money Weekly, Literature and Art For Teenagers, Story King, Popular Medicine, Home Idea, GOGO Comic & Animation Weekly, and Shanghai Business Shanghai Oversea Information. The company wholly or partially owns Orient Research Center, Shanghai Book Company, Shanghai Synergy Century AUDIO&VIDEO Center Co., Ltd, Shanghai Century Choice Logistics Co., Ltd, Shanghai Hongkong Joint Publishing Co., Ltd, etc.

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