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3 August 2010 - So enthused was this physicist with the love of his life - (sorry it's physics, not the wife!) that it drove him to creatively package his love for the subject into breakfast conversations that would surely pique his curious wife. (Actually, in fact, it was because he so loved his wife that he went through such lengths to cook up a storm over the subject so that Beth would enjoy talking about it as much as he did!)

So you can imagine digesting about how a serving of apple pancakes drenched in maple syrup could segue into an explanation of Newton's theory of gravitation; while apple fritters can deliciously flirt behind the story of magnets "making love" - you get the rough idea?

Such are the delectable breakfast accounts between Dr Leonid V Azaroff (University of Connecticut, USA) and his wife Beth contained in World Scientific's latest publication Physics Over Easy: Breakfasts with Beth and Physics.

Over 24 chapters, Beth's inquisitive nature and Dr Azaroff's clear and crisp explanation over a meal will transport the reader through a delightful journey as the physicist entertains his wife with an easy-to-understand, bite-sized approach to the otherwise difficult-to-grasp subject. In one chapter, Beth is treated to the explanation of the nature of inertia on the morning when Dr Azaroff indulges in a hard-boiled egg. Yet at another breakfast, he engages Beth on the nature of atoms, using the regular arrangement of squares on his waffles (filled with yummy strawberries and whipped cream) as a springboard to his teaching.

Commenting on the subject, author Dr Azaroff who has taught physics for over 40 years said, "The truth is that physics is no more difficult than any other college subject... it is often poorly prepared teachers who make any subject seem difficult or uninteresting." Indeed, his book promises to whet one's appetite on the usually dreaded subject by many college students."

So who says being married to a physicist is boring?

Physics Over Easy: Breakfasts with Beth and Physics is available now at all major bookstores and retails at US$54 for the hardcover and US$24 for the paperback. More information about the book can be found at http://www.worldscibooks.com/physics/7636.html.

Read the book and share with us your thoughts on our Facebook site at http://www.facebook.com/worldscientific or Twitter account at http://twitter.com/worldscientific.

We're also trying to get Dr Azaroff on video to have "breakfast" with us - if we can get 200 readers to "Like" this idea on our Facebook site.

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About Dr Leonid V Azaroff

Dr Azaroff is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut. He has taught physics and materials science for over 40 years. He is the author of seven books including three introductory texts.

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