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Yuan T. Lee (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Series Editor of the World Scientific Series in 20th Century Chemistry

"A Job Well Done! World Scientific has now become the most successful science publisher in the field. In the physics-related area especially, it has become the largest and among the most important publishers in the world."

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Laboratorie Kastler Brossel, France)
Author of Advances in Atomic Physics: An Overview

"The quality of the books, the professionalism of the editors in finding authors and dissemination of the books all over the world at competitive and reasonable prices are very high. I particularly appreciate the efforts made to provide special discounts for developing nations. I am sure that World Scientific will continue to serve efficiently the international scientific community by providing easy access to the most important achievements of Science."

Ahmed H. Zewail (California Institute of Technology, USA)
Editor of Physical Biology: From Atoms to Medicine

"I have personally enjoyed the professional interactions ... and in every case I was impressed by the care and promptness. This was evident in the three books I have published with World Scientific."

Harold Bierman Jr. (Cornell University, USA)
Author of The Bare Essentials of Investing: Teaching the Horse to Talk

"As an author, my relationship with WSP has been as good as it can possibly be. From the first submission of a manuscript that is a candidate for publication, to holding the published book, the process is smooth and without conflict of any type. It is a pleasure working with the people of WSP. Keep up the good work."

Thomas M.-S. Chang (McGill University, Canada)
Author of Artificial Cells: Biotechnology, Nanomedicine, Regenerative Medicine, Blood Substitutes, Bioencapsulation, and Cell/Stem Cell Therapy

"One of the examples of the emphasis on the frontiers of research and development is your publication of a large number of books and monographs on the very exciting area of nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine."

Eugene A. Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Author of Inside Real Innovation: How the Right Approach Can Move Ideas from R&D to Market - And Get the Economy Moving

"World Scientific Press has served the engineering and science community well for 30 years. Its history is as unusual and innovative as the company today. It is a publishing company that arose from the scientific community itself, and grew both with the rise of global research knowledge and with Singapore, its founding country. During this growth, it merges business goals while staying true to the company mission. As the global publishing community has consolidated, World Scientific Publishing has remained an independent gem attractive to authors in engineering, science, and business. Now, as Asia's expenditures in research and technology increase, World Scientific is uniquely positioned, with strong business from the West and opportunity as a gateway to the East. It was an easy choice in deciding on World Scientific Publishing as the publisher of our new book, Inside Real Innovation."

Walter Harrison (Stanford University, USA)
Author of Elementary Electronic Structure

"In this time of growing electronic communication, most of the publishing communities have responded by simply raising the prices of their books. World Scientific should get due credit for taking another route, improving the efficiency of the process and producing an ever-growing range of interesting publications. After I have published two well-priced books with World Scientific, I never considered other possibilities with my third one, now also nicely produced. I am delighted that this magnificent organization has had such continuous success in the highly competitive world of publishers."

Louis H. Kauffman (University of Illinois, USA)
Author of Knots and Physics

"We are grateful for the open-minded attitude of World Scientific towards science and mathematics, the efficiency of the operations and the honest attempt to keep prices at reasonable levels. Access to books and journals is the key to the continuing process and evolution of knowledge."

Anders Liljas (Lund University, Sweden)
Author of Structural Aspects of Protein Synthesis

"The intense publication rate of World Scientific is impressive, particularly since I know how difficult it is to convince scientists to take the time to write a book and how long time it takes in the end to do the writing. Once the text and illustrations are in your hands the whole process is very rapid and efficient. The skill of the editors over wide fields of science is impressive. I am looking forward to our continued interactions."

Jayant V. Narlikar (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, India)
Author of From Black Clouds to Black Holes

"By producing proceedings of important conferences, by creating series of texts of excellence in specific areas, by bringing into print young authors who have important things to say, World Scientific has provided an easy mode for expressing worthwhile research and pedagogic ventures in print."

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