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Newly Published Titles
China As A Leader Of The World Economy
Author: Gregory C Chow (Princeton University, USA)
Understanding Economic Growth In China And India
A Comparative Study Of Selected Issues
Author: Yanrui Wu (University of Western Australia, Australia)
The Changing Face Of Innovation
Is It Shifting To Asia?
Author: Seeram Ramakrishna (National University of Singapore, Singapore), & Daniel Joo-Then Ng (Independent Strategic Advisor and Business Consultant, Singapore)
Work, Management And The Business Of Living
Author: Moneim El-Meligi
Chemistry In Theatre
Insufficiency, Phallacy Or Both
Author: Carl Djerassi (Stanford University, USA)
Quantum Chemistry
A Unified Approach
(2nd Edition)
Author: David B Cook (University of Sheffield, UK)
Robust Mechanism Design
The Role Of Private Information And Higher Order Beliefs
Author: Dirk Bergemann (Yale University, USA), & Stephen Morris (Princeton University, USA)
Non West Modernist Past
On Architecture & Modernities
Edited by: William S W Lim (AA Asia, Singapore & Asian Urban Lab, Singapore), & Jiat-Hwee Chang
Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine
Editor: Gilbert Thompson (Imperial College, UK)
The Picu Book
A Primer For Medical Students, Residents And Acute Care Practitioners
Editor: Ronald M Perkin (East Carolina University, USA), Irma Fiordalisi (East Carolina University, USA), & William Novotny (East Carolina University, USA)
Take A Deep Breath
Clear The Air For The Health Of Your Child
Author: Nina L Shapiro (Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, USA)
Introduction To Mathematical Logic
Author: Michał Walicki (University of Bergen, Norway)
Abc Of Physics
A Very Brief Guide
Author: Lev Okun (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Russia)
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Second Edition
Author: Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Study, USA)
Other: David Derbes (Laboratory Schools, University of Chicago, USA)
From Black Clouds To Black Holes
(third Edition)
Author: J V Narlikar (Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, India)
Nature Loves To Hide
Quantum Physics And The Nature Of Reality, A Western Perspective
(revised Edition)
Author: Shimon Malin (Colgate University, USA)
The Energy Problem
Author: Richard S Stein (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA), & Joseph Powers (United Technologies Corporation, USA)
Expect The Unexpected
A First Course In Biostatistics
Author: Raluca Balan (University of Ottawa, Canada), & Gilles Lamothe (University of Ottawa, Canada)
A Brief History Of Economics
Artful Approaches To The Dismal Science
(2nd Edition)
Author: E Ray Canterbery (Florida State University, USA)
Advances In Atomic Physics
An Overview
Author: Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Collège de France, France & Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France), & David Guéry-Odelin (Laboratoire Collisions Agrégats Réactivité, France)
Back-list Titles
How To Manage A Successful Business In China
Author: Johan Björkstén (Founder of the Chinese PR Agency Eastwei Relations), & Anders Hägglund (Former President of Sandvik China)
The Future Of Food Business
The Facts, The Impacts And The Acts
Author: Marcos Fava Neves (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Inside Real Innovation
How The Right Approach Can Move Ideas From R&d To Market — And Get The Economy Moving
Author: Eugene Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA & Cornell University, USA & The Innovation Interface, USA), Andreas Wankerl (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA & Cornell University, USA & The Innovation Interface, USA), & Carl Schramm (The Kauffman Foundation, USA)
Calculating Catastrophe
Author: Gordon Woo
Interpreting China's Economy
Author: Gregory C Chow (Princeton University, USA)
Scientific Writing 2.0
A Reader And Writer's Guide
Author: Jean-Luc Lebrun (Trainer of Researchers and Scientists from A?STAR Research Institutes, Singapore)
Nobel Prizes And Life Sciences
Author: Erling Norrby (The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sweden)
Nanostructures And Nanomaterials
Synthesis, Properties, And Applications
(2nd Edition)
Author: Guozhong Cao (University of Washington, USA), & Ying Wang (Louisiana State University, USA)
The Complete Guide To Complementary Therapies In Cancer Care
Essential Information For Patients, Survivors And Health Professionals
Author: Barrie R Cassileth (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA)
Integrative Strategies For Cancer Patients
A Practical Resource For Managing The Side Effects Of Cancer Therapy
Other: Elena J Ladas (Columbia University, USA), & Kara M Kelly (Columbia University, USA)
Unlocking The Enterpriser Inside!
A Book Of Why, What And How!
Author: Shailendra Vyakarnam (University of Cambridge, UK), & Neal Hartman (MIT Sloan School of Management, USA)
Advances In Atomic Physics
An Overview
Author: Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Collège de France, France & Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France), & David Guéry-Odelin (Laboratoire Collisions Agrégats Réactivité, France)
Negotiation Excellence
Successful Deal Making
Edited by: Michael Benoliel (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
Energy In The 21st Century
(2nd Edition)
Author: John R Fanchi (Texas Christian University, USA)
Current Issues In Islamic Banking And Finance
Resilience And Stability In The Present System
Edited by: Angelo M Venardos (Heritage Trust Group, Singapore)
The Handbook Of Microfinance
Edited by: Beatriz Armendáriz (University College London, UK & Harvard University, USA ), & Marc Labie (Université de Mons, Belgium)
The Final Hurdle
Single Best Answers In Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics
Author: Shamik Dholakia (Imperial College London, UK), Chris John (Imperial College London, UK), & Michael Schachter (Imperial College London, UK)
Crystal Engineering
A Textbook
Author: Gautam R Desiraju (Indian Institute of Science), Jagadese J Vittal (National University of Singapore), & Arunachalam Ramanan (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
Discover Entropy And The Second Law Of Thermodynamics
A Playful Way Of Discovering A Law Of Nature
Author: Arieh Ben-Naim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
The Fundamentals Of Imaging
From Particles To Galaxies
Author: Michael Mark Woolfson (University of York, UK)
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