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APBN Interview with Roche Diagnostics
The response attributes to Ms Goh Chor Lim, Head of HR Asia Pacific, Roche Diagnostics

1. As a market leader, Roche Diagnostics has designed leadership programs to empower local leadership and create international career opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Could you elaborate on the leadership programs in Roche Diagnostics?

At Roche, we are focused on creating an environment where employees can perform to their best and if this includes leadership roles, we provide opportunities for employees to learn and develop. In Singapore, we have partnered with well-known institutions to help us design and deliver our global and regional leadership programs as well as virtual tools and sessions to make learning accessible to all employees. In fact, six out of our last eight leadership roles over the last two years were filled internally in APAC.

The following are a few key programs:

  • INSEAD Advanced Leadership Program

  • This is a two-week program customized by INSEAD, designed for our General Managers’ successors and key players. Working with experienced coaches, it is a highly intense program requiring deep reflections on participants’ behavior in terms of leadership. The program also includes working on projects which are critical for the business in the region.

  • APAC Discovery Program

  • This has been a 10-year partnership with the Nanyang Technological University, Executive Education Center. It is a Management Development program for mid-level managers covering topics like strategy, finance, design thinking and coaching.

  • Leading [email protected] Roche

  • This is a 3-day program which focuses on managers. This program aims to create a common understanding of what it means to be a leader in Roche, authentically living and applying the Roche Leadership Commitments.

2. Young people prefer to work in a company with learning opportunities to grow along their career journey. What are the career opportunities for employees in Roche Diagnostics?

Roche firmly believes in lifelong learning and gaining experiences that will help an employee to be successful in their next role and beyond. We do not define career development as upward move each time nor is there a standard career path. Employees are encouraged to gain different work experiences such as working in different businesses or move from local to regional and global roles or manage and work in large projects. Over time, they should also focus on roles that provide leadership experience, be it leading others directly or indirectly.

For short-term experiences, we have Individual Development Opportunities (IDO) and Express Development Opportunities (EDO). This allows employees to move around different roles within the company and outside of their country on a short-term assignment respectively. EDO opportunities are posted on the Intranet, for transparency and employees can put in their application, if interested. Year to-date, there have been over 20 EDOs across countries and feedback has continued to be highly positive.

For permanent roles, it is our practice to post jobs internally and make it transparent for all to apply. Employees can look for opportunities globally. We also hold regular sessions regionally and globally about talent development. These talent reviews are attended by the global leadership team. Currently, we have 38 employees that have been expatriated in/out of Asia Pacific.

3. What are advantages of working in Roche Diagnostics?

Roche Diagnostics is the world leader in In-Vitro Diagnostics, which are tests performed on patients’ tissue samples, blood or other fluids.

We provide innovative tests and solutions that will improve people’s lives and some can even save lives. Our tests and solutions helps doctors to better diagnose and treat patients. We make sure that our office environment instills a sense of purpose in our employees. For example, we have opened our Centre of Excellence in 2015 in Singapore which allows our engineers and technicians to have easy access to our systems and the lab area where they can do demonstrations and run training. The Centre of Excellence also gives us the opportunity to host academia and healthcare professionals to showcase our technologies/ solutions and engage them in dialogue on improving healthcare for patients.

Internally, our HR policy provides for employees and their spouse to stay healthy and we do that through various ways such as Flexible Benefits where one is rewarded with flex points if they participate in healthy initiatives such as marathons. We also conduct lunch-&-learns to raise awareness of certain diseases such as Cervical Cancer and all female staff and spouse/partner of male employees can take the Roche HPV tests at no cost.

We invest a lot in employees to stay updated on the latest research through interacting with our scientists, attending seminars, engaging with key opinion leaders. In addition, they attend various leadership programs globally/ regionally and locally. In Asia Pacific, the majority of our leaders are locals and Asians.

Roche Diagnostics is the market leader in Asia Pacific and we are making significant investments here. There are opportunities at a local level, regional jobs and global roles.

So if you share the same belief as our purpose statement of ‘Doing Now What Patients Need Next’ and you want to build your career beyond the job that you are hired for, then please come and speak to us.

4. Roche Diagnostics was also awarded Regional Best Employer Asia Pacific in 2015. From your point of view, what contributed to Roche Diagnostics winning this award?

We have been focused on building a strong employer brand and believe that we need to start from the inside out. We have worked hard to create an open, inclusive and innovative culture for our employees. Our Employee Opinion Survey showed that managers show genuine interest in employees’ career development, that employees have access to learning and development offerings and have colleagues who are supportive and collaborative. With multi-generation of employees under one roof, we provide flexibility in benefits and work arrangement to cater to different needs. In Singapore, we have received positive feedback from recruiters about the Roche brand and we also have had high employee referral rates. From a gender diversity perspective, we have 25 members in the regional leadership team, of which nine are female, heading country operations or regional functions.

5. In the process of screening job applicants, what qualities are you looking for? What kind of candidates will most likely be called for an interview?

Our people are key to thriving in the dynamic markets we operate in, and to live our strategy. Passion, Integrity and Courage are Roche’s core values. It is about being passionate in what you do, striving for excellence and doing the right thing. It is about upholding ethics and code of conduct. It is also about having the courage to think big and accept challenges; be brave in conversations; and learn from failures. These are the personal attributes that we look for.

6. From your personal experience, how is it like working in a healthcare company like Roche Diagnostics?

Roche Diagnostics is in a unique position to improve healthcare in the region. As a market leader, we are known for our products and solutions and focus on testing efficiency and providing medical value. Our aim is to make sure all our employees can connect to our products and our purpose through innovation and people training.

Fostering integration, inclusion and equality in the workplace has been essential to our organisation. Apart from gender diversity in the workplace, we have 24 nationalities working in the regional office in Singapore. It is common that we work in teams across various specialisations, functions and geographies. Inherent in this setup is the respect and appreciation for different perspectives, knowledge and skills and market conditions in countries.

7. What are the departments available in Roche Diagnostics Singapore?

Our local and regional Asia Pacific headquarters are located in Singapore. We have marketing and sales, field service engineers and applications specialists, medical affairs, regulatory and quality and other support functions such as HR, finance, legal and communications located in Singapore. The respective functions are needed on the local and/or regional level. Overall, more than 250 people work for Roche Diagnostics in Singapore. The regional team supports 16 countries in Asia Pacific with close to 5000 employees.

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