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Life Science Incubator Launches in Singapore
A new co-working laboratory opens its doors at German Centre Singapore, creating an accessible and affordable launchpad for life science companies looking to scale and grow in Singapore.

Life science and biomedical companies are reinforcing their presence in Asia, particularly in Singapore. With eight of the top ten pharmaceutical and medical technology firms basing their headquarters in Singapore, there is a growing demand for expertise in the laboratory, technical sales, quality, and engineering-related skill sets.

In September 2021, Life Science Incubator opens its doors at German Centre Singapore with the aim to cater for the growing pool of start-ups that demand agile, equipped, affordable facilities, and a resource for the thriving local ecosystem to leverage, while also attracting German and European companies looking to access and accelerate in the region.

The Incubator is a state-of-the-art BSL Level 2 co-working laboratory that exists to facilitate conducive collaboration and cross-pollination between emerging Biotech, Foodtech, and Medtech companies.

“We want to create a space where multinationals and leaders in technologies, services and equipment can join the conversation. Where these companies can support and engage the burgeoning start-up ecosystem that Singapore has fostered and that Life Science Incubator will attract,” said Niamh Madden, General Manager of Life Science Incubator.

Start-ups play a pivotal role in unlocking the commercial value of research and development efforts. They bring novel solutions to the market and complement the efforts of larger companies to enhance the vibrancy and competitiveness of our biomedical and food tech industries. Life Science Incubator hopes to attract and support local and international start-ups in Singapore by bringing together experts who will work, research, and experiment collectively on new and innovative projects.

Such support highlights Singapore’s commitment to further grow emerging biomedical and food tech sectors and help Singapore-based start-ups capture opportunities locally and globally. It represents a next step for these industries in Singapore.

Equipped with cutting-edge laboratory facilities (many of which are used by world-leading German companies), the Incubator serves as a showcase for the excellence of German technology and service providers. These joint efforts also help to bring enterprises to both Singapore and Germany and at the same time, create a stronger awareness in both markets.

Source: Life Science Incubator

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