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Angel Yeast Announces to Promote Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture on the World Food Day
One strategy is to use microbial yeast protein technology to produce a wide range of products.

Angel Yeast, the world’s leading yeast manufacturer, has announced it aims to play a larger role in increasing people’s access to nutritious food and making food systems more inclusive and sustainable, as part of events to commemorate World Food Day on 16 October 2022.

Factors such as the ongoing pandemic, climate change, rising food prices and international tensions have been affecting global food security. Therefore, it is critical that all parties, from governments to private businesses, take necessary actions to deal with and combat the situation. Angel Yeast has laid out its own action plan with a focus on yeast and food ingredients supply, expansion of yeast protein production, and sustainable agriculture.

According to the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022, a report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on food security and nutrition in the world, the number of people affected by hunger rose to as much as 828 million in 2021, an increase of approximately 46 million since 2020 and 150 million since 2019. In all, an estimated 3.1 billion people do not have access to a healthy diet. Meanwhile, FAO’s State of Food and Agriculture report in 2019 shows that around 14 per cent of the world’s food continues to be lost after it is harvested and before it reaches the shops; while UNEP’s Food Waste Index Report 2021 shows that a further 17 per cent of the food ends up being wasted in retail and by consumers, particularly in households.

Angel Yeast announces to promote food security and sustainable agriculture on World Food Day.

Yeast is an indispensable ingredient for fermented staple food. The world’s second-largest supplier of yeast products, Angel Yeast prides itself on producing the highest-quality yeast ingredients to the world. It has 12 factories in China, Egypt and Russia, with two new additions built in 2022 in the Xiaoting district of Yichang, a city in Hubei, and Pu’er city in Yunnan. Collectively, the manufacturing capacity of these factories reaches around 350,000 tons, selling to over 150 countries and regions. Besides, Angel Yeast creates products that can improve flavours and nutrition, such as its bread improvers, products that improve the quality of the bread in several ways, including extending the bread’s shelf life to reduce food waste.

To create more food is not enough. The world needs a sustainable and holistic system to make everyone has regular access to enough nutritious food. One endeavour that Angel Yeast is pursuing in this area is through the use of microbial yeast protein technology. It can be used to produce a wide range of food products. Compared to the production of animal proteins, yeast protein production manufacturing consumes fewer resources, such as land and water, and has a smaller greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

In addition to developing healthy food products, Angel Yeast has also committed itself to sustainability in agriculture and livestock raising. The company is one of the world›s leading suppliers of organic yeast fertilisers. Its fertiliser product line, Fubon, has to date provided nearly 1.4 million tons of organic fertilisers, covering fields and lands of some 11,300 sq m. By providing a more efficient solution and more nutritious way to feed the livestock, Angel Yeast is demonstrating its commitment to driving the sustainable development of agriculture.

Source: Angel Yeast

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