LATEST UPDATES » Vol 26, Nos. 05 & 06, May & June 2022 – Living Better for Longer: Cutting-Edge Research in Geriatric Medicine       » How Oxidation Can Lead to Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Age-Dependent Cognitive Disorders       » New Semiconductor Microchip Detects Prostate Cancer Markers With Ultra-High Sensitivity       » New Method for Synthesising Sulphur-Based Medicines Can Boost Drug Discovery Efficiency and Speed       » Selecting the Best Target for Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease       » A Single Metabolite Can Promote Tissue Regeneration and Delay Ageing       » A New Light-Sensitive Way to Control Parathyroid Hormone Secretion for the Prevention of Bone Loss      
Vol.1, No.23 . 16 Feb 1998

Policies & Regulations
•  Chinese MOA Approves Microbial Fertilizers
•  ASEAN to Standardize Drug Registration
•  China Revises Policy to Promote Agriculture
•  China May Extend Ban on Offshore Fishing
•  Singapore to Pass Bill Which Redefines 'Death'

Major Event
•  Sichuan Induces Foreign Investment in Agriculture
•  First Foreign Biotech Center Set Up in China
•  Increased Surveillance for 'Bird Flu' to be Continued

Research News
•  American Scientists Successfully Clone Genetically Engineered Calves
•  Scientists Reveal Finding on Ageing
•  Anti-Cancer Drugs: Breakthrough in Monoclonal Antibody Research
•  Grafting Produces Pest-Resistant Eggplants

Chinese Medicine
•  Medical Uses of Yujin
•  Chinese Medicine Used to Reduce Body Heat
•  TCM to Corner Diabetes, Gout Market

Company News
•  Yunan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd
•  Canadian Packaging Company Expands into Asia
•  Dow AgroSciences and SemBioSys form Alliance
•  The Hubei Anqi Biotechnology Corporation
•  Gensel Develops Sex-Determining Technology

General Information & Statistics
•  Shanghai's Greenhouses Generate Impressive Vegetable Sales
•  1988's Predictions for Food and Health Trends
•  Industry Races to Find Cure for Diabetes
•  HK Steps Up Technology Transfer Policy

•  TCM Education in HKU

What We Hear
•  ISAAA Appoints Director for New SEAsiaCenter

•  Chinese Patents

Calendar Of Events

MGI Makes Possible New Advances in Agrigenomics Research and Molecular Breeding
news Medtec China 2022 Is Now Open for Visitor Registration, Helping Medical Device Manufacturers in Medtech Sourcing and Supply Chain Stabilisation
news Inaugural Asia Summit on Global Health highlights Hong Kong's advantages
news Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH) 2021 — Shaping a Resilient and Sustainable Future
news TechInnovation 2021 Virtual Exhibition to Showcase Sustainable Energy, Food, and Healthcare Solutions

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