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Vol 12, No 13, November 2008 - Water and Energy Renewaly


•  New Stem Cell Center Gives Hope for Stroke Damage
•  Sun Beds Killing 43 Aussies A Year

•  Chinese Skin Cream Recalled After Steroid Found
•  UN Urges China to Revamp Food Safety after Milk Crisis
•  Key Proteins Identified In the Quest for Male Contraceptive
•  Gene that May Contribute to Improved Rice Yield Identified
•  A New Institution to be Formed by Teaming up Biological Institutes in Beijing
•  Big Pharma Ranks China as No. 1 Destination in Asia for Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

•  Reliance Life Sciences Launches India's First Portal for Breast Cancer Genomics
•  New Health Scheme Launched in Kerala
•  Nobel Biocare Introduces New Dental Implant Program in India
•  Malaria Drug through Synthetic Biology

•  Sleep Disorder Due to Genetic Mutation

New Zealand
•  Crop and Food and Hortresearch to Merge

•  NUS Researchers Create Antibody that may Eradicate Viral Diseases
•  AMO Opens Eye-Care Training Center in Singapore
•  Singapore and New Zealand Set Up First Joint R&D Research Fund in Heart Disease and Cancer
•  More Singaporeans Expected to Seek Help for Clinical Depression, Anxiety
•  Moleac Launches Presence in Europe
•  New Study Shows Heterogeneity in Brain Tumor Cells-of-Origin
•  Singapore Launches New Cancer Research Centre of Excellence (CRCE) to Study Asian Cancers
•  Scientists Identify Gene that May Make Humans More Vulnerable to Pulmonary Tuberculosis
•  BioServe Introduces Customizable DNA Panels for Genetic Research

•  Unitech Launches Its Healthcare PDA to Catch Medical Market Trend
•  Controversies Around the Set-up of Heavy-Ion Therapy Facility in Taiwan
•  Researchers Find Method to Extract DHA from Algae

•  Water Matters - Engineering the Reclamation of H20
•  Identification of Microbial Contamination in Water Treatment and Distribution Systems
•  From Wastewater to Safe Water: The NTU Experience
•  Second Generation Biofuels: The Way Forward

Industry Watch
•  Driving Stem Cell Technology Forward — Stem Cell Sciences In-licenses Technology from University of Cambridge for Reprogramming Adult Cells into Stem Cells
•  The Latest State-of-the-art Clinical Trial Supply Service Center Opens in China
•  Charles River Strengthens Its Presence in China
•  In the Making — China Biologic to Become Largest Non-state-owned Producer of Plasma-based Products in China
•  Joint Venture between Eli Lilly and Jubilant Organosys Boosts Development of Molecules
•  From Discovery to Delivery 舒 Orchid & Merck Collaborate to Develop Novel Antiinfective Drugs New Standard for Early Diagnosis of Urinary Bladder Cancer Launched
•  Gene Bridges Granted Licenses to Takeda Pharmaceuticals Licenses for Recombineering Technology
•  East-West Collaboration to Develop Therapeutics for Fully-human Antibody Program
•  The Kiwis Open Commercialization Pathway into the Land of Dragons
•  Innovative Institute-Industry Partnership in Translational Cancer Research
•  Singapore to be the Takeda's Center of Clinical Development
•  First South-east Asian Hub for Solar PV Testing and Certification Opens in Singapore

Product News
•  GARDASIL — India's First Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine to Help Prevent Cervical Cancer
•  Future Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Takes Shape

People Watch
•  From North America to Asia, With Rich Biologics Experience to Boot
•  Sir George Radda - Heralds the Future Direction of Biomedical Research in Singapore
•  NUS' "Virus Catcher" Awarded Direct Grant from the Gates Foundation

Research and Findings
•  Landmark Discovery of "Engine" that Drives Cell Movement
•  Asia's First Palliative Care Research Center in Singapore
•  Growing Green Technologies with Organic Photovoltaics
•  Siemens Opens First Corporate Technology in South-east Asia at the PUB's Waterhub
•  Singapore's First Reservoir in the City Embodies Water and Energy Renewal Directives

General News
•  19th International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW-2008) in Australia

Conference Calendar

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