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Vol 13, No 12, December 2009 - Aesthetic Medicine


•  Tissue Engineering Hopes for Mastectomy Patients
•  Special Repair Enzyme in Kangaroos May Cure Skin Cancer
•  World's First Transgenic Sweet Sorghum
•  New Test Finds Chink in Cancer's Armor
•  Major Advance in Human Antibody Therapy against Deadly Nipah Virus
•  Centre of Kinomics to Open Pandora's box of Drug Development

•  H1N1 Influenza Death Toll Triples in China
•  China Okays GMO Rice Strain
•  Largest-Ever Liver Proteins Database C Roadmap to Treatments for Hepatitis
•  Two Longevity Genes Found
•  China and WHO Set Up Influenza Research Center in Beijing

•  Knowledge-Based Biotech Park in Himachal Pradesh
•  25 Years On, Bhopal Water Still Toxic
•  Stem Cell Business Booms in India

•  Genetic Mapping on World's Largest Ethnic Population Yields Invaluable Information
•  Breakthrough Method to Study 3D Whole Genome Mapping
•  Cord Blood Proves Positive for Cerebral Palsy Treatment
•  Singapore the First in Asia to Launch New Biologic Treatment for Psoriasis
•  Dealing with Climate Change at the 2010 World Cities Summit in Singapore
•  Greater Cooperation on TCM Between Singapore and China

•  Patterns in Dengue Fever Outbreaks Identified
•  Taiwan and Canada Collaborate to Develop Asian Pneumonia Vaccine
•  New Nano-drug to Cure Cancer Patients
•  First Plant Medicine Center Operational in Taiwan

Other Regions

•  Treat HIV Patients Sooner
•  Studies Show Cancer Can be Passed on in the Womb

North America
•  Enzyme May Hold Key to Long Life
•  United States Okays New Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines for Research

•  Dysport vs. Botox: Coke vs Pepsi?
•  A New technique in Rhinoplasty: Diced Cartilage with Fascia
•  What is New in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?
•  The Role of Fractional Photothermolysis in Laser Skin Rejuvenation
•  Chinese Maxillary Protusion Correction with Rhinoplasty

Industry Watch
•  CSIRO and Circadian Collaborate in Oncology R&D
•  Successful Trials in Bone Marrow Regeneration Using Cord Blood
•  Pfizer China and BMP Sunstone Venture into Women's Healthcare Product
•  Novartis Acquires Zhejiang Tianyuan to Expand Human Vaccines Presence in China
•  Carbon Nanotechnology for Target Drug Delivery System Launched in India
•  Cipla Launches Antiflu to Combat Influenza
•  Tokyo CRO and Ecron Acunova in Alliance to Strengthen Global Network
•  World's First Oral Jelly for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
•  Leading Japanese and Swedish Biotech Firms Seal Antibody Deal
•  Caduet Combination Tablets Launched in Japan
•  Spectrum Teams Up with Korea's Handok on Apaziquone
•  Biologics, CEVEC Sign Agreement for Using Human CAP Technology
•  Chaperone Technologies and MerLion Pharmaceuticals in Antimicrobials Collaboration
•  Quintiles Expands Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore
•  NCKU and ScinoPharm Taiwan Establish University-Industry Cooperation

Commentaries and Analyses
•  Finding the Right Biotech CEO

Research and Findings
•  Global Academic-Industry Partnership in Translational Research
•  U.S. and Korean Research Institutes Combine Expertise in Viral Infectivity Analysis

People Watch
•  Australian Scientists Awarded Prestigious Medals from UK
•  Taiwan's Emerging Life Sciences Sector Gains Recognition

General News
•  Philip's Ambient Experience: Creating a Calming Surgical Environment for Heart Patients
•  Rheumatoid Arthritis: Every Day Counts
•  Facial Volumizing Breakthrough

Conference Calendar

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news TechInnovation 2021 Virtual Exhibition to Showcase Sustainable Energy, Food, and Healthcare Solutions
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