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Vol 15, No 05, May 2011 - BioEthics


•  Australia Halts Japanese Food Imports
•  Victorian Man Gets First Hand Transplant
•  DIY DNA Tests for Future Parents

•  China Edges Closer to Animal-Human Organ Transplant
•  Cows to Produce "Human" Milk
•  Deadly Chinese Outbreaks Linked to New Virus
•  China Checks Food, Water for Radiation in 14 Areas

•  Lab Grown Sperm May Help in Male Infertility

New Zealand
•  Stem Cell Hope for Kidney Patients

•  Scientists Report "Cell Rejuvenation" Breakthrough
Other Regions
•  Pills for a Brave New World?
•  Human Hearts Created in Lab
•  Womb Transplants Possible Next Year
•  Scientists Create Retina Using Embryonic Stem Cells

•  Governance Framework for Biomedical Research in Singapore: A Risk-Based Account
•  Global Bioethics and New Evolutionary Challenges
•  Animal Experimentation: Right vs Rights
•  Bioethics - A Plethora of Perspectives
•  Clinical Ethics Committees in Western Europe: A Developmental Model for Asia
•  Bioethics: An Overview

•  Breast Imaging Systems: A Perspective Review
•  Neurocysticercosis: A Neglected Disease with Immense Burden on Public Health
•  Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
•  BioPharma: Asia's Largest and most Inflential Gathering of Industrial Leaders and Professionals

Product Update
•  New Possibilities in Dose Management with Veo

Inside Industry
•  Current Biofuels Policies Unethical
•  China Pioneers International R&D Center for Global Health
•  TCM Faces Departure From EU Market
•  Institut Pasteur Shanghai Creates Global Biotech Accelerator Advance BioChina
•  VCs Shift from Biotech to Social Networking
•  Beike, ThermoGenesis Enter Agreement on Stem Cell Therapies
•  Glenmark Arm Discovers Molecule to Treat Blood Cancer
•  Fortis, TotipotentRX to Set Up Stem Cell Centres
•  Dr Reddy's Laboratories Expands Technology Centre in UK
•  Sun Pharma, Merck in JV to Develop Generics

Research and Findings
•  Immune Therapy Could Control Fertility in Mammals and Possibly Humans
•  Taiwan Genetic Screening Prevents Severe Adverse Drug Reactions
•  Bacteria Acts Like Toothbrush
•  Trigger for Tumour Protein Discovered
•  GIS Scientists Propose a New Paradigm For Embryonic Stem Cells
•  HCG Hormone Therapy may Benefit Patients with Intractable Pain

Conference Calendar

news Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress 2021 is Set to Brave the New Frontiers as We Revolutionise and Transform Healthcare
news Anti-Pandemic Forum to be Hosted by Top-Notch American and Chinese Scientists
news Commemorating World Health Day with Viatris
news Entire industrial chain resources of advanced medical equipment are lining up at Medtec China 2021

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