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Vol 25, No. 10, October 2021
How Stretchable Liquid Metal Antennas Can Match Deformations of Moving Organs

New flexible liquid metal antenna can conform to soft biological tissues and withstand extreme deformability, paving the way for better biomedical antenna implants.

Keeping Tabs on Your Blood Sugar With Self-Powered Diaper Sensors

Self-powered biosensors that run on urine glucose as fuel can now be embedded into diapers to rapidly and wirelessly monitor urine sugar levels.

New Molecular Computing Device Can Reconfigure Memories Like Human Brain

A reconfigurable brain-inspired memory device shows promise to simplify semiconductor circuit design, enhance computational power and speed, and advance edge computing.

Invisibility Acquired! Artificial Camouflage Skin Can Mimic Surroundings In Real-Time

Researchers showcase their novel artificial camouflage skin in a biomimetic chameleon soft robot, demonstrating its excellent capacity for high-resolution crypsis and real-time concealment.

New Sensors Can Rapidly Detect Plant Hormones and Herbicide Resistance

Researchers have found a way to use corona phase molecular recognition nanosensors to detect synthetic plant auxins in real-time, potentially revolutionising screening methods for herbicide resistance in urban farms.

Why Do People With Autism Read Facial Expressions Differently? Neural Network Model Sheds New Insights

A neural network model that mimics brain d developmental processes reveals how neural abnormalities affect learning, cognition, and the ability to recognise emotions.

How Sound Can Affect Sleep According to New Night-Time Noise Index

A new night-time noise index has been developed to better measure the effects of environmental noise on sleep, bringing hopes to advance epidemiological noise-related research.

Alginic Acid: The Secret to Building Better Bones

Adding alginic acid to calcium phosphate cement has been shown to improve compressive strength and porosity of artificial bones, promoting faster and more effective bone repair and regeneration.

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Nitric Oxide-Scavenging Hydrogels

A new, injectable hybrid hydrogel has been designed to remove nitric oxide and alleviate inflammatory symptoms, paving the way for rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

How to Treat Mitochondrial Diseases? By Deleting DNA

Researchers have developed a multi-functional, small molecule that can tag mutant mitochondrial gene sequences for removal.

Cross-Neutralising Antibodies Bring Hope for Broad Vaccine to Combat COVID-19 Variants and Future Coronavirus Outbreaks

Findings from a recent study can underpin a “dream” vaccine that tackles not only SARS-CoV-2 and its known variants of concerns, but also future variants and animal coronaviruses that may cause fatal infections in humans.

Smaller Than Dust, Voltage Like Triple a Battery: New Biosupercapacitor Provides Energy for Biomedical Applications

Researchers have developed a nano-biosupercapacitor that can be integrated with sensors to detect pH changes in vivo.

Why Do Short-Lived Lung Infections Lead To Long-Lasting Lung Damage?

Researchers have revealed how chronic lung diseases develop after viral infections, offering new clues to develop more effective treatment and prevention strategies for lung damage.

Next Generation Genome Engineering With Mini CRISPR – Made Smaller to Deliver Better

A new, compact CRISPR-Cas system can now precisely and efficiently shuttle gene-editing tools into mammalian cells, overcoming present challenges in genome engineering.

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