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Meeting Demand for Respiratory Ventilators Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Meeting Demand for Respiratory Ventilators Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

SINGAPORE | 24th April 2020

ABM Respiratory Care, a medical device start-up based in Singapore has created the world's first IOT-enabled Tele-Ventilator. The company focuses on the development and commercialization of airway clearance and ventilation solutions.

Founded in 2017, ABM respiratory care is dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry by developing intelligent, clinically differentiated and innovative respiratory care solutions to help people breathe better inside and outside the hospital.

Meeting Demand for Respiratory Ventilators Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
The recent development of an innovative Tele-Ventilator will assist healthcare professionals to monitor and program the device remotely in real time. ABM is currently preparing for fast-track approval of its Tele-Ventilator with regulatory agencies in several countries, including Singapore. With remote access to the ventilators there will be a fighting chance of reducing facility acquired infections which are of critical concern during infectious disease outbreaks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased in the strain on healthcare systems, with shortages of ventilators and trained healthcare professionals to manage the large volume of ventilators when needed. Frequent bedside visits by healthcare professionals to adjust and monitor ventilators increase the possibility of infection thereby increasing the burden on the healthcare system.

ABM's Tele-Ventilator aims to address both issues by enabling healthcare professionals to securely monitor and adjust ventilator settings through their online portal from any location.

"Tele access enabled infrastructure will see a lot of value in present scenario where healthcare arena has been overburdened because of an unprecedented demand. Singapore is the hub for technology and healthcare innovations. We appreciate the Government's proactive and transparent approach in protecting health of its people and this technology will surely be a much-needed support to front-line healthcare staff and caregivers during such critical times", said Vinay Joshi, ABM CEO

ABM's Tele-Ventilator leverages new technology which is 25 times faster and creates 50 times less data traffic than traditional web technologies. This enables time-valuable, responsive, consistent telemetry and large-scale secure access to ventilators without a complex configuration which is usually needed in traditional connectivity systems.

"Manufacturers will eventually stand up to the challenge of meeting ventilator demand for the current situation but unlike machines, skilled respiratory staff cannot be cloned at required pace" said Vinay Joshi, ABM CEO. "Our tele-ventilation solution will augment access to trained healthcare professional and increase their reach to save lives not only within hospital network but even in most remote parts of the globe".

ABM's Tele-Ventilator, branded as BiWaze? ION, is based on its BiWaze? platform developed over the last 30 months and has already US FDA-510(K)-cleared their BiWaze? Cough system. BiWaze? ION can be used in both Invasive and Non-Invasive modes, and can be deployed in an ICU, ambulatory or subacute settings for pediatric and adult patients. BiWaze? ION is a 4 kg, battery-operated, touchscreen-based ventilator which includes advanced ventilator modes as well as key safety and alarm features as per international regulatory standards.

Chad Boerst, Founder and President of ABM Respiratory, said, "Manufacturers around the world are facing difficulty in scaling-up production because of complex mechanical designs which impose huge challenges to secure parts and time to build ventilators. BiWaze? ION is easy to manufacture and the supply chain is already being streamlined to scale-up production significantly in the coming months".

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