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PharmaSources.com to Help Propel the Chinese API Export Business with E-Trade Session CPhI China Top API Exporters & Products
PharmaSources.com, the vertical B2B portal for the pharmaceutical industry, announces the launch of the virtual session CPhI China Top API Exporters & Products on 24-28 August 2020, as part of the CPhI & P-MEC China E-Trade Season (August to October 2020).

The active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) industry in China plays a pivotal role in the global pharmaceutical ecosystem. In 2019, the Chinese API manufacturers produced and exported to the world 10.12 million tons of products, valued at $33.7 billion. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the API market has experienced some uncertainties in the beginning of 2020, yet still shows its vitality in the exporting business. In the first quarter of 2020, the total export volume of APIs of China increased by 16.68%, reaching 3.90 million tons.

"The hard time is not without opportunities, as the rising demand in health and medical global wide calls for more API supplies with higher quality," commented Zing Zhou, Senior Director of PharmaSources and CPhI China. "This event is business-intensive. It will further propel the API export Business for the Chinese players in the second half of the year."

CPhI China Top API Exporters & Products will bring together the 100 cream-of-the-crop API exporters of China and showcase the most popular exporting products, seeking to break the physical limitations, facilitate direct sourcing channels and build-up connections between global buyers and key pharma player in China.

Participation is complimentary for buyers from all over the globe. Users will be able to precisely locate quality suppliers, make direct inquiries and acquire key insights into the Chinese healthcare market, by making full use of the four functions of the event:

Top Exporters Recognition

A total of 100 API companies will be recognized as Top API Exporters. They are ranked by yearly export value and enlisted by categories of vitamins, hormones, antipyretics and analgesics, antibiotics, CNS drugs, biochemicals and more.

Hot Products Gallery

The specially picked 20 products for each category will be highlighted in the Hot Products Gallery. Situated in the middle part of the webpage, this session provides intense exposure for suppliers' key products. Buyers can easily send inquiries by a simple one-click on the desired product.

Video Meetings

The video meeting function is to provide users with 1-on-1 e-meeting services. This service is totally free of charge for both the suppliers and buyers. Through the professional e-meeting platform and tailored services, they will be able to meet with their existing or potential partners from anywhere of the world.

Industry Report

The latest industry annual review will be presented for free downloads. Published by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCMHPIE), this industry whitepaper depicts the landscape of China's pharma industry against the backdrop of world economic slowdown, industry reconstruction and uncertainties. It provides statistics and insights into internationalization, legislation, and outlook of the future pharma and healthcare sectors.

For more information of the event, please visit https://www.pharmasources.com/zt/top-api

About PharmaSources

Rolled out in 2010 as an online trade platform serving the pharmaceutical industry, EN-CPhI.CN has been re-named and rebranded to PharmaSources after 10 years driving industry development. PharmaSources connects international pharma buyers and suppliers, promoting trade and development across the industry. The B2B platform features over 8,500 suppliers and 3,600,000 products in 30 major categories spanning the entire pharma supply chain and delivers services to over 90,000 active members across 211 countries and regions. To learn more about PharmaSources please go to www.pharmasources.com or email [email protected]

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