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Anti-Pandemic Forum to be Hosted by Top-Notch American and Chinese Scientists
The virtual forum with the title “Sino-US Anti-Pandemic Cooperation/Exchange and the Establishment of a Multi-Dimension Preventive System” will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 am on June 5, 2021 (Beijing time),. The forum is being organized by China Health Promotion and Education Association, Wharton China Center of the University of Pennsylvania and the Ereda Health Care Management Group (in Dallas, Texas). The panelists of the forum unquestionably are all top-notch scientists in the COVID19 areas. They are Drs. Drew Weissman from the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania (U Penn), George Gao Fu, the Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP), Neil Fishman, the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital of U Penn, Chunhua Chi, the President of the General Practice Branch of Chinese Medical Association and Allen Goroll, a world renowned primary care physician from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and the former governor of American College of Physician (ACP) in Massachusetts.

According to the Founder and CEO of Sunshine-Reida Health Care Management Group, (whose Ereda is its wholly owned subsidiary) Dr. David Shao, “This is a critically needed forum at this stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the past 14 months, since the disease began its global rage, both the United States and China had to endure enormous hardships.”

“If there were any silver-linings in this horrible period of the pandemic, they are two aspects which I think are profound lessons humanity have learned. One of them is that by a close adherence to the proper (even common sense) public health procedures, the pandemic is controllable. Another is by leveraging the enormous amount of scientific knowledge humanity has accumulated in the past decades, scientists can develop in record time the various vaccines to combat the disease!”

“We are truly grateful to the panellists in this forum, who are all facing the critical onslaught of the pandemic, thus having inordinate demands on their schedules, were still able to take valuable time out for the forum. For example, Dr Weissman is one of the most known scientists who are responsible for the development of the vaccines, without which outcome of the pandemic would certainly be a global catastrophe. Likewise, the policies suggested by the Chinese CDC and strictly instituted by the Chinese Government for the nation are certainly one of the fundamental reasons why the disease is under control in China,” exclaimed by Dr. Shao.

This sentiment is very much echoed by Dr. Da Hsuan Feng, the Executive Advisor of Sunshine-Reida Health Care Management Group. According to Dr. Feng, “The world in the past 14 months had witnessed a severe stress test by the Covid-19 pandemic.” “In this paradigm, two of the economically most powerful nations, China and the United States, were both challenged to the extreme. I am sure I speak for all people not only in the United States and China, but for the world, that with this forum, we are witnessing the warm people-to-people friendship between these two countries and that these two great people can leverage this friendship not only to combat this horrible disease, but also for the betterment of humanity in general,” declared Dr. Feng. Sunshine-Reida Health Care Management Group is a registered consulting entity that engages the international medical collaboration and exchange to promote a better health and life for all people.

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