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Medtec China 2022 Gathers Medtech Leading Enterprises, Optimising Medical Equipment Supply Chain by Creating Online-Offline Promotion Platforms
China’s medical device industry has been expanding steadily since 2013. It is expected to reach RMB 1,252.9 billion in 2022 and RMB 1,841.4 billion in 2025 (data from iiMedia Research Center). Market demand for medical devices has greatly increased because of the pandemic. This is compounded by disruption of the global supply chain and regional lockdown, causing a shortage of core components and affecting the production and supply plan of medical devices. Thus, finding alternative suppliers and stabilising the supply chain are now urgent matters for many medical device manufacturers in China.

Medtec China is committed to providing sufficient resources and advanced concepts for the technological development of medical device manufacturers in China. Since Medtec China’s inaugural exhibition in 2005, it has gathered thousands of high-quality suppliers from nearly 27 countries around the world. Medtec China aims at creating an advanced, convenient, and localised one-stop offline & online procurement platform for the manufacturing industry chain, with exhibits including medical design and R&D, raw materials, accessories, components, automation equipment, contract manufacturing services, tubing & extrusion, surface treatment, packaging and sterilisation, processing technology, testing equipment, and marketing consultant services. Medtec China 2022 will be held in H1 & H2 of SWEECC from August 31 to September 2. The scale of the exhibition has been further expanded, with the booth area being increased by 26 per cent, and the number of exhibitors increased by 33 per cent. More than 800 industry-leading companies are expected to participate in the exhibition, including Mikron, ruhlamat, Nolato, Rosti, OGP, Labaim, Lubrizol, Momentive, SP Medical, Quark-Med, Wiserscope, HnG, Trelleborg, Pall, Yikang, Covestro, YW MEMS, Toredex, Joymed, WuXi AppTec, and other well-known local and foreign companies. For the initial part of the exhibition, Medtec China will leverage its resources and business advantages as well as innovative online digital marketing services, and use digital power to promote business activities both across the board and in individual cases, to better serve enterprises in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the medical device industry. Click here to register to participate in the exhibition and join the company’s peers now.

The grand occasion of Medtec China 2020The grand occasion of Medtec China 2020

Medtec China Shows Strong Momentum, Leading Companies Gathered to Stabilise Procurement Supply Chain

As an influential medical device design and manufacturing exhibition brand in China, Medtec China has achieved strong growth under the pandemic. The company’s exhibition space has increased by 26 per cent compared with that in previous years, reaching a total of 32,000 m2 for H1 & H2 exhibition halls. The number of exhibitors has also increased from over 600 exhibitors in 2021 to more than 800 in 2022, showing an increase of 33 per cent. Renowned companies will make their presence with their exclusive or innovative advanced products and services this year. Nearly 100 companies will also make their maiden appearance in Medtec China to exhibit high-quality products and services.

Leading medical materials suppliers such as Lubrizol, Momentive, EMS-CHEMIE, Celanese, 3M, and Avient will continue to participate in the exhibition. Momentive will showcase new products such as Silopren Gel 4970 and Self-Lubricating LSR. Automation exhibitors including Maider, Mikron, Ruhlamat, XENON, IMA S.P.A., OCS, and ELITE. Mikron, the world’s pioneering manufacturer of automation solutions, will present new products such as Auto injector manual bench and new EcoLine platform.

Exhibits at Medtec China 2020Exhibits at Medtec China 2020

Contract manufacturing services exhibitors include Nolato, Rosti, Carlco, Forefront, MEHOW INNOVATIVE, Freudenberg, REGA, SANPIN MEDICAL, KINHAK, JENITEK, etc., Rosti will bring buyers new products such as Medical Microfluidic Chip, Nutritional Infusion Set, Medical Level LSR facial scrub head, while new exhibitor Freudenberg Medical Plastic Hardware Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will offer advanced technologies and experience in Medical Injection Molding Service, Silicon Tubing for medical device and pharmaceutical application, Thermoplastic extrusion and Catheter solutions at Medtec China 2022.

Several companies including Quark-Med, Wiserscope, Theraview Scientific, Hikmed Imaging, and INNO LASER will showcase their high-quality products and services including optical components, endoscopic components, lasers, and imaging solutions. Electronic pyelocystoureteroscope, Medical endoscope controller, Subminiature CMOS Camera Module for Medical Electronic Endoscope, Medical endoscope ultra-miniature camera module, 4K UHD imaging system, Medical endoscope image processor, and soft and hard mirror integrated full HD solution will debut at Medtec China 2022. Silent, a new exhibitor focusing on motors and motion control, will also showcase the Medical Electric Stapler Motor and Medical Electric Bone Drill, which is said to have strong stabilit, consistency, and capable of withstanding high and low-temperature sterilisation tests, rendering it capable of replacing imported products. Click here to check out 21 exhibition categories and join Medtec China 2022 to assist in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced medical equipment.

Components Exhibitors including SP Medical, Smalley Yangbum, MATSUYA MASANYI CORPORATION, LX Precision, Kindly, ChengFa Spring, Brightstone, SMART, and CUREMETAL, etc. will focus on showcasing precision machined parts including Orthopaedic implants, Dental components, and others. As the world’s leading SPT-Small Precision Tools company, SPT will also participate in the exhibition for the first time. It will bring ceramic brackets for orthodontics, ceramic abutments for dental implants, insulating back seats for endoscopes, ceramic nozzles for flow cytometers, and other popular dental and endoscopy products in the industry.

Quality Expo, concurrently held with Medtec China 2022 with numerous well-known brands and enterprises. This year has gathered companies such as OGP, Labaim, RUIXI, MARPOSS, KEYENCE, China Vision, Maoxin Industry, USON, Noldus, LST and Seals and so on. KEYENCE and RUIXI will premiere their advanced products and technologies such as digital microscope system VHX-7000 series, 3D profile-measuring instrument VR-5000 series, new radial support force tester, new friction force tester and other advanced products and technologies at Medtec China. Boardstone Intelligent, will also bring the AM series of white light interferometer of atometrics, which can provide measurement of nano-level roughness, step height, micro-topography and other factors for semiconductor, optical lens, materials and other industries. Click here to see Exhibitor List 2022.

Medtec China integrates resources for digital marketing services to help business expansion during the Pandemic

CMDM (China Medical Device Manufacturing Online): CMDM is the procurement resource channel on the official website of Medtec China. Since its launch in December 2019, the total number of page views has exceeded 78,424. Website data show that each visitor spends a significant amount of time searching for medical resources on the platform. The platform aims to provide year-round, accurate and high-quality supplier resources for the procurement of medical device manufacturers in China. CMDM is by all measures a promotion/display channel that should not be missed. Click here to view CMDM website

CMDM (China Medical Device Manufacturing Online)CMDM (China Medical Device Manufacturing Online)

WeChat promotion: The official WeChat account MEDTECCHINA publishes an average of 3-5 selected industry articles as posts every week, serving 37,618 professionals in the industry. The highest number of reads was 5,421. The high daily usage rate of WeChat is one of the effective ways for brands to accurately capture the attention of people in the industry and extend their popularity. In 2022, Medtec China innovatively launched the “Medtec China Purchasing Assistant” corporate WeChat account to provide one-to-one purchasing demand matching services. It manually matches manufacturing enterprises and suppliers based on their procurement needs. In the first month, more than 100 procurement needs were collected. Click to exhibit and enjoy year-round precise business matching services

Official website advertising and email services: Medtec China’s official website has an annual page view of nearly 600,000 and a monthly maximum page view of over 100,000, accurately targeting the management personnel, design, R&D and manufacturing personnel, project procurement personnel, and quality management personnel of medical device manufacturers. The two email sending services of Medtec China can accurately deliver company and product information to nearly 100,000 medical professionals. The display can be in the form of scrolling pictures, customised soft text, or graphic introduction, etc. Click here to download Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities Medtec China 2022

Medtec China also cooperates with PR Newswire, a leading company for global corporate press releases, to reach out to 6,371,076 potential audiences around the world with regard to information on the exhibitions and exhibition-related exhibitors, exhibits, events as well as conferences through hundreds of media outlets around the world. Nearly 50 official cooperative media will have reprinted and reported on the news of the exhibition. Informa Markets is an exhibition organiser with significant international influence and industry depth and coverage in the world. Medtec China, as its flagship brand, is a high-quality partner for enterprises seeking business development.

Medtec China 2022 is expected to receive more than 40,000 professional buyers from all over the country, 51 per cent of the visitors will be from design, R&D and manufacturing positions in the medical equipment industry, 19 per cent of the visitors will be self-management personnel, and 81 per cent of them will have purchasing decision/suggestion rights, 90 per cent come to find new suppliers/purchase activities. Medtec China 2022 will be held in H1 & H2 of SWEECC from August 31 to September 2. Up to now, 90 per cent of the booths have been fully booked. Click here to book your booth now

For more details, please visit the official website of Medtec China: www.medtecchina.com to get the latest exhibition information and industry-leading articles.

For exhibition registration, visit and media cooperation, please contact:

Carina Li
Tel: +86 10 6562 3308
Email: [email protected]
Medtec China Organization Committee

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